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PatientToc Easy Installer

Our Story

More than 60% of health is determined by factors that cannot be measured by lab tests or discovered via physical exam, they must be TOLD to care providers by the patient.   The way we ask patients to tell us their stories if often through screeners and surveys.  A good screener can jump start a conversation between a patient and their health care provider, helping them accomplish more during the visit and personalizing care to each patient's unique needs and circumstances. This works well when staff have time to assist in gathering screeners, or patients are able to read & navigate portals and complete them online, but what if there is no staff time, or a patient can't read or navigate the portal. Or what about when there are questions you want to ask but your EHR vendor has not incorporated them yet?  Of not in the correct language? Or reading level. 


PatientToc was designed to stand in that gap and make it easy for patients to share essential information through screeners, and easy for you to access and use them at time of care - at the same time helping you save staff time, improve QI performance, capture SDOH related z-codes, connect your patients with services, and document outcomes all with the click of a button.

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